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Sandeep Semwal Author

Hi, I am Sandeep Semwal, who loves to unearth the stories through observation and imagination. I work as a digital marketing intern by day and as a writer by night. I am certified in creative writing by the Xavier Institute of Communication and working on some fantastic stories at the moment.

Writers Crunch has a long time of thinking and a story behind it. As I said, I am an intern. Hence, most of my friends and people I know work in corporations. It’s great that I have these people around, but I felt like a soul filled with creativity and imagination limited in this corporate world. So I always wanted to have a platform where I can write and talk about creative writing.

You can consider this as my gateway to be apart from that corporate and systematic world.

Here, the questions like, where do you see in 5 years does not matter. What matters is the moment, a moment to learn and create something which can make me feel something more.

I am writing for many years, have also joined some courses, and highly active in my writing group. In this long journey, I see that I have something that people can benefit from the mistakes I have made and the lessons I have learned. It is not a course, and I am not a teacher but a person like you who is eager to get better and share his learning experience with you guys throughout my journey.

I write mostly, which I have learned and practiced. Here you can learn the crunching tips about creative writing and tools that writers use.